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Telescopic Tobacco Tubes for your own joints and pleasure


Trademark TONE offers you Premium Classic Tobacco Tubes!

 Made of Pure Natural Raw Tissue Rolling Paper without drop a glue.

✔ 100 Tobacco Tubes King Size per box.

✔ 300 empty tobacco tubes (three boxes) at a special price of 51 USD!

✔ Free shipping to Europe, South and North America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

✔ You can buy Papirosa Smoking Tobacco Tubes ready for stuffing and making your own tobacco or weed custom joints here:


Tobacco Tubes TONE

Features of papirosa cigarette tobacco tubes TONE.

Papirosa tubes TONE are empty high quality pre rolled tubes for smokers who want to get full smoking pleasure with RYO. 

Our tobacco tubes consist of two pre rolled tubes - a shirt and a cigarette holder. The shirt of the tobacco tubes is made of tissue rolling paper, the cigarette holder - of high density paper. The cigarette holder is inserted into the shirt and hollow part of the shirt protruding beyond the cigarette holder forms the smoking part of tobacco tube. Our smoking shells are common among smokers who do not feel quality in regular filter cigarettes and ordinary filter tobacco tubes.

Our cigarette tubes are a simple solution to enjoy smoking. The one of differences between our tobacco tubes and conventional cigarette filter tubes is the presence of a paper sleeve that serves as both a cigarette holder and a filter. Such tobacco tubes give you the opportunity to enjoy a custom joints of your own production. When you smoke our papirosa tubes, you have a completely different feeling than when smoking a regular filter tubes. The hollow cigarette holder of our tobacco tubes allows you to enjoy the real taste of tobacco. The soft cigarette holder can be squeezed; this will change the saturation of the inhaled smoke. The cigarette holder of our tobacco tubes allows the smoke to cool, and also reach speeds of up to 100 km/h. Therefore, it is enough to make a small light puff to fully experience the taste of tobacco. The filter of regular tobacco tubes reduces speed by up to 60%, so smoker makes more effort, and the smoke is drawn deep into the lungs.

Smoking cigarette tubes TONE are the best solution for creating your own custom joints. You will feel really freedom when making your own tobacco blunts with our papirosa tubes. You choose which type of tobacco to fill your tobacco tubes and what size of smoking tubes to make. Therefore, the use of our tobacco tubes is so pleasurably! 

When smoking our tobacco tubes, the risk of respiratory disease is lower compared to regular tobacco filter tubes due to:
-  a significantly lower burning temperature of our smoking sleeves than conventional tobacco tubes (400 °C versus 600 °C); 

- smoking less - our cigarette liners, in view of the absence of saltpeter in tissue paper, tend to die out, i.e. each of smoking tobacco tubes can be smoked in 3-4 approaches, no more than 10-15 pieces per day.

You can learn about other features of tobacco tubes TONE and here: 


Smoking Tobacco Tubes

Lively smoke of cigarette tobacco tubes TONE

One of the design differences of tobacco tubes TONE from conventional cigarette filter sleeves is that our smoking shells partially remain empty and the ordinary filter cigarette sleeves are clogged with tobacco along their entire length. In addition, our papirosa tubes usually have a slightly larger diameter. The filled portion of our tobacco tubes is much bigger than that of a regular tobacco shells. And cigarette packing is usually denser. As a result, the smoke behaves differently and is felt in papirosa shells and regular cigarette liners. You immediately draw in cigarette smoke into yourself, and the papirosa tobacco tubes smoke first “accelerates” in cigarette holder, i.e. goes through the air. We can say that papirosa cigarette tubes smoke is more “lively”, the taste of tobacco is felt so much better in our tobacco tubes. In addition, when smoking tobacco joints that are made of our cigarette sleeves, there is a sensation of warmth that is not present when smoking ordinary filter sleeves. A good way to feel a difference is to fill our tobacco tubes and then regular filter shells with the same tobacco. This can be compared to drinking mulled wine through a short wide pipe (papirosa tobacco tubes) and a long thin pipe (regular filter cigarette tubes).

How to fill Papirosa Tobacco Tubes?

There are two easy ways of pre rolled tobacco tubes stuffing:

✔Stuffing by hand.

✔Stuffing with a filling machine.

Both methods of stuffing our tobacco tubes are shown in the video below:

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