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Pre Rolled Cigarette Tubes that are ready to fill

Pre Rolled Tubes - Cigarette Tubes TONE

Papirosa Pre Rolled Tubes

How our pre rolled tubes are made?

The manufacture of papirosa pre rolled tubes is carried out on papirosa cigarette tubes machine.
Two rolls are installed on a machine for manufacturing our pre rolled tubes: with tissue raw rolling paper, its width is slightly larger than the diameter of the pre rolled tube, and with cigarette holder's raw rolling paper, its width is equal to the length of the cigarette holder of the pre rolled tube.

Tissue (papirosa) paper - future shirt of our pre rolled tubes, is continuously wound from a roll. Next, the tissue paper is fold into a tube on the rod, and its edges are tuck forming a four-layer seam, which is compressed between two wheels with small teeth, and no longer breaks up.  Pieces of the required length — the shirts of future pre rolled tube — are cut from a continuously moving paper tube with scissors making reciprocating motion. The paper of the cigarette holder comes out discretely from the roll, and it is cut into parts using a set of knives.  One edge of the workpiece falls into the slit of the sleeve folding mechanism and is fixed by turning the rod located in it. Then the rod rotates with the finished pre rolled tube, forming a bundle of the cigarette holder. By a mechanism called a gate, the bundle of the cigarette holder is removed from the rod and inserted into the shirt.

After this, the finished pre rolled tubes are roll out. Its essence lies in the fact that a cylinder is eccentrically inserted into pre rolled tubes, which rotates in the direction opposite to the folding of the tubes. As a result, the bundle of the sleeve rolls out; its outer layer is pressed tightly against the shirt of the pre rolled tubes.

Which tobacco is suitable for stuffing pre rolled tubes?

We recommend to stuffing pre rolled tubes with very thinly sliced ​​dry tobacco with MYO classification (make your own), it differs by the width of the fiber cut (0.5 - 0.8 mm) and humidity (13 -16%). If the humidity is higher, the machine may press tobacco into the tube, and it will be smoked poorly. You can also choose tobacco for manual twisting (RYO); in that case we recommend leaving the blend open for several hours and let it dry, this will make stuffed pre rolled tubes a little sharper, but it will greatly simplify your task.

​Although stuffing pre rolled tubes is pretty simple, it takes a little practice and patience until you get great results. We recommend practicing in stuffing your pre rolled tubes with different amount of tobacco. If there is too much tobacco, filled pre rolled tube will be too tight and will not be smoked. If you put an insufficient amount, the blend may simply fall out of the pre rolled tube or burn too hot and sharply. Shortly before you decide to fill your pre rolled tubes, gently crumple the tobacco, after which your tobacco blunt will be smoked much better.

How to keep tobacco for prerolls fresh ?


Steam humidification

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