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What are a papirosa tubes
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A papirosa tubes actually consist of two pre rolled tubes inserted one into the other (as shown on the picture below): one tube, is called a shirt, is made of tissue rolling paper and crushed tobacco is poured into it, and the second is made of thicker paper and has several functions - it allows you to hold the papirosa tube in your hands, prevents tobacco from getting into your mouth, and most importantly - is a cigarette holder of papirosa tube that cools smoke well and retains a large amount of harmful substances and tar on its walls. It is generally accepted that the main difference between papiroses and cigarettes is the absence of a filter and paper structure, but there are papiroses and papirosa tubes with a filter. But about the structure of the paper - the true truth: cigarette paper smolders, and papirosa paper - slowly burns. But cigarettes have no attached cigarette holder.






The free space from the holder of papirosa tube where the tobacco is placed is called the “curka”. To prevent tobacco from getting inside the cigarette holder, 6 notches (teeth) bent inside it  are made on its edge facing the curka. 

Besides, the seam of the papirosa cigarette tubes is clamped “into the lock” and never glued. Unlike raw cones and regular cigarettes, papirosa tubes are made mechanically and completely without a single drop of glue!

This method was created in Russia for papiroses manufacturing.

Papiroses are a completely Russian invention.

Thanks to glueless technology, present-day papirosa tubes have a telescopic design that allows you to adjust the length of your own tobacco joint as you want!

Besides, the sequence of manufacture of papiroses and cigarettes is different: in the case of papiroses a papirosa tubes  are made, and tobacco is placed in them, in the case of cigarettes the “tobacco stick” is wrapped with paper. 

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Design of Papirosa  Cigarette Tube 

Whatever passed the test of time, is always valuable

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The manufacture of papirosa pre rolled tubes is carried out on papirosa cigarette tubes machine.
Two rolls are installed on a machine for manufacturing papirosa tubes: with tissue raw rolling paper, its width is slightly larger than the diameter of the papirosa tube, and with cigarette holder's raw rolling paper, its width is equal to the length of the cigarette holder of the future tube.Tissue (papirosa) paper - future shirt of papirosa pre rolled tube, is continuously wound from a roll. Next, the tissue paper is fold into a tube on the rod, and its edges are tuck forming a four-layer seam, which is compressed between two wheels with small teeth, and no longer breaks up.  Pieces of the required length — the shirts of future papirosa tube — are cut from a continuously moving paper tube with scissors making 
reciprocating motion.

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The paper of the papirosa cigarette tube holder comes out discretely from the roll, and it is cut into parts using a set of knives.  One edge of the workpiece falls into the slit of the sleeve folding mechanism and

is fixed by turning the rod located in it. Then the rod rotates with the finished pre rolled tube, forming a bundle of the papirosa cigarette tube holder. By a mechanism called a gate, the bundle of the holder is removed from the rod and inserted into the shirt.

After this, the finished papirosa tubes are roll out. Its essence lies in the fact that a cylinder is eccentrically inserted into the tubes, which rotates in the direction opposite to the folding of the tubes. As a result, the bundle of the sleeve rolls out; its outer layer is pressed tightly against the shirt of the papirosa tubes.




which tobacc o i s siutabl e
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Two Tobacco Pouches - TONE smoking tubes









in that case we recommend leaving the blend open for several hours and let it dry, this will make stuffed pre rolled tubes a little sharper, but it will greatly simplify your task.

Although stuffing pre rolled tubes is pretty simple, it takes a little practice and patience until you get great results.

We recommend practicing in stuffing your pre rolled tubes with different amount of tobacco. If there is too much tobacco, filled pre rolled tube will be too tight and will not be smoked. If you put an insufficient amount, the blend may simply fall out of the pre rolled tube or burn too hot and sharply. Shortly before you decide to fill your pre rolled tubes, gently crumple the tobacco, after which your tobacco blunt will be smoked much better.

We recommend to stuffing pre rolled tubes with very thinly sliced ​​dry tobacco with MYO classification (make your own), it differs by the width of the fiber cut (0.5 - 0.8 mm) and humidity (13 -16%). If the humidity is higher, the machine may press tobacco into the tube, and it will be smoked poorly. You can also choose tobacco for manual twisting (RYO);




how  to  keep  Tobacco  fresh    
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how  to  keep  Tobacco 

You can store tobacco for pre rolled tubes in special pouches and plastic bags. At the same time, do not allow it to overdry or overmoisten. In stores, tobacco is sold in hermetic packages. You can store it in them, only after opening the package it is necessary to ensure that water does not get there and to prevent storage at high temperatures. If you store tobacco correctly, its aroma and taste will be preserved for a long time.


However, it happens, that the tobacco is too dry. In this case, it loses its flavor and crumbles a lot. It also changes the taste. The tobacco becomes sharper. But there is a way out. It is necessary to spray water from a spray bottle onto the decomposed tobacco mixture. Read more in the article "How to moisten tobacco quickly".


Every smoker at least once faced with the problem of over-dried tobacco for pre rolled tubes. Why is this happening? Either the storage container was not tightly closed, or such tobacco was originally purchased. But there is a way to return the moisture to the mixture. And not even one.


To do this, use apple slices or citrus fruits, or special moisturizers. If you store tobacco in a jar, then just place a few pieces inside and shake occasionally. The container must be tightly closed. The tobacco will be moistened in a couple of hours. Tobacco in a pouch, therefore, it is better not to moisten. Since the hydration will be uneven. How to be? Scatter tobacco on a piece of paper or board, drop a little liquid and knead. When the tobacco dries to the state you need, pour it back into the pouch.


You can purchase a travel humidor. It can store not only tobacco, but also staffed pre rolled tubes.

Set the iron to the highest temperature. Spread the tobacco on a piece of paper and lightly moisten with a spray bottle. Then take the iron and let the steam flow for 10 seconds. Be very careful! Keep the iron at a distance.


Put the tobacco in a bowl. It is best to choose a wide one. Cover with a clean damp (not wet) towel. Make sure the towel does not touch the tobacco. Check humidity after a few hours.

We hope that our recommendations will help you save tobacco for your pre rolled tubes. Delicious and fragrant smoke!


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