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The best smoking tubes are cigarette tubes, which are made without using of glue. On the contrary, all types of regular cigarette tubes and raw cones are made with glue technology. Best cigarette tubes are papirosa tubes, that are made of natural tissue paper that does not contain saltpeter. Such smoking tubes do not smolder like ordinary cigarette tubes, but burn slowly, without rushing you to take another puff, because the paper of regular cigarette tubes contain saltpeter. Also, the tissue rolling paper that our cigarette tubes are made of, is unbleached, and cigarette paper

(in ordinary cigarette tubes) is bleached. Best tobacco tubes have a long mouthpiece, while regular cigarette tubes haven't  a mouthpiece at all, and the raw cones mouthpiece is very short. Best cigarette tubes, unlike ordinary cigarette tubes, haven't a filter, such design of cigarette tubes allows you to feel a real taste of tobacco. Besides, the best cigarette tubes have a telescopic design.  Opposite,  the   length of   ordinary  tobacco    tubes  and  raw cones  cannot  be  changed. Papirosa cigarette tubes have all these properties. There was a time when papirosa cigarette tubes were known, appreciated

and smoked around the world. Many countries bought papirosa tubes from Russian manufacturers: USA, Argentina, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and many other imported Russian papirosa cigarette tubes. 


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Cigarette tubes of such quality were created for smokers who want to enjoy smoking. Usually, the more you pay the better the quality of cigarette tubes. Inexpensive   smoking    tubes  have chemicals that accelerate tobacco joint burn and force you buy more cigarette tubes. Also, cheaper smoking tubes will be made of fragile, easily damaged paper.

Papirosa cigarette tubes are slightly more expensive than regular cigarette tubes, but they worth it.

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Whatever passed the test of time, is always valuable

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alternative to grandfather's papirosas ..."

Or that: "RAW Cones are made for both people who smoke a lot, and people that want an easier way to roll. RAW Cones revolutionized the smoking industry because they’re much MUCH faster and easier to fill and use than a normal rolling paper..."

Here is what the advertising texts about raw cones say: "The first to set up factory production of papirosa tubes for Cones joints was the founder of the world-famous Mountain High company, the Dutchman Arthur Van Der Berg. Ordering cones for smoking is for those who like to smoke,  but  at the same  time  do not  want to roll  papirosas.  This  is  a  long-awaited


What are Raw Cones

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About Raw Cones -TONE smoking tubes.jpeg

As you can see, they say anything, but forget to say that their raw cones are made with use of glue. They forget to say that raw cones have a very short cigarette holder that does not cool the smoke almost. They do not say that their raw cones do not have a telescopic design, so you need to buy several different packs of these cones or set of different raw cones if you need different sizes.

Advantages of Papirosa Tubes over Raw Cones

Papirosa tubes are manufactured using a unique technology that came to us from the XIX century. This is no-glue technology, invented by Russian engineers. The same technology was used in manufacturing Russian and Soviet papirosa cigarette tubes and papirosas such as world famous Gerzegovina-Flor, Belomorkanal, Salve and other. (In the end of the XIX – beginning of the XX century's papirosas were very popular in Europe and America, but nobody even thought about raw cones). Papirosas and papirosa cigarette tubes are produced in Russia till now.

So, papirosa tubes are grandfathers of the raw cones. Despite the venerable age (papirosa cigarette tubes are already more than one and a half centuries old), the papirosa tubes are in demand today thanks to their highest quality. Will the raw cones live as much? Not sure.

The papirosa tubes are a time-proven product, which cannot be said about raw cones. Raw cones are a product of mass consumption at an inflated price. 

Still life with papirosas - TONE smoking tubes.png

Papirosa tubes are a good old tradition for the elite, and it is priceless. 

Over the shoulders of papirosa tubes a century and a half history. The history of the development of engineering thinking and precision engineering. 

The papirosa tubes are ready to fill. Besides, papirosa tubes can be used for medical purposes.

Papirosa tubes are the best alternative to raw cones.

So what makes a papirosa tubes the best and what sets them apart from the raw cones?

First, the papirosa tubes are made with unique technology without the use of glue. Raw cones are made with glue technology.

Second, the diameter of papirosa cigarette tubes is constant along the entire length (8 mm). Diameter of the raw cones decreases from the end to the beginning.

Third, telescopic design of the papirosa tubes allows you to adjust the length from 107 to 157 mm. The length of the raw cone is constant.

Fourth, papirosa tubes have a long cigarette holder that cools smoke well. The raw cones holder is very short, does not cool the smoke almost, as a result of which the smoke strongly burns the tongue, throat and oral cavity, and it is dangerous for your health.

And finally, fifth, I will repeat it, the papirosa tobacco tubes are a good old tradition for the elite.  

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  • The filter of many cigarette tubes is very short. It takes only half of the orange segment on the cigarette tubes, the rest is  empty. So, the tobacco doesn't always reach the filter of regular cigarette tubes making it flimsy at the end.

  • The paper around the filter of many ordinary cigarette tubes separates from the bulk of the filter, and the filter gets soft and crumbly.

  • Many ordinary cigarette smoking tubes are pulled not easy because filter problems.

  • Most of regular cigarette tubes burn too quickly.

  • Numerous of regular cigarette tubes have extraneous tastes killing tobacco flavor.

  • Many ordinary cigarette tubes have a weak paper.

  • Numerous of regular cigarette tubes add a lot of paper taste to any tobacco you use.

Thus, using ordinary cigarette tubes, you will encounter minimum one of the above problems that will not allow you to enjoy. You will have to either come to terms with this, or switch to cigarette tubes of the highest class.


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Still life with Papirosa Cigarette Tubes - TONE smoking tubes.png
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The allure of smoking is indisputable, despite its notorious reputation. Experts often cite smoking as a        primary contributor to one in every five mortalities. Yet, the ritual remains, with individuals ensnared by        the tendrils of tobacco. Central to this is nicotine, a compound whose versatility has grown in modern          times. From patches to e-liquids, the ways to consume nicotine have evolved, and this piece aims to            shed light on its multifaceted nature.


A vial of the liquid nicotine - TONE smoking tubes.png

  Liquid nicotine represents an innovative solution, blending an array of flavor agents, the solvent            propylene glycol, and other constituents to emulate the nicotine experience sans the traditional             cigarette. Pioneered for use in e-cigarettes, there's a common misconception: that e-cigarettes             are devoid of nicotine. This isn't entirely accurate. The nicotine content in e-cigarettes varies                based on the chosen e-liquid, and they're a go-to for those aiming to wean off high nicotine                  levels, possibly to quit altogether. Notably, there are also nicotine-void variants catering to                   those eager to sidestep nicotine's adverse effects during their vaping journey.

A vial of the liquid nicotine - TONE smoking tubes.png

Liquid nicotine isn't just about the chemical; it's an experience. To cater to diverse palates, manufacturers
have dabbled in an array of flavors from the classic chocolate and  mint to the  more  exotic  like melon.
But  where else is this extract making an appearance?   Beyond  e-liquids,  the   essence  of  nicotine
manifests in nicotine-infused  confections and specialized gums,  with  the latter gaining popularity
as a tool  to  quell the   urge for a smoke.   Anecdotal   evidence  suggests  a  decline  in   tobacco
yearnings with  these gums.  The pursuit  doesn't  stop at ingestion;  topical  absorption  is  also
possible.   Innovations  have  birthed patches,  steeped  in  liquid  nicotine   essence,  catering
predominantly  to  those   battling   both  the  mental and  physical grips  of  nicotine.  These
patches,  available   in  myriad sizes, aim to fill the nicotine   void,  with  dosage  tailored to
the smoker's previous consumption patterns.

There's been a buzz in the smoking community: Is the age-old hookah embracing the new-age liquid nicotine? Driven by nicotine's addictive prowess, many presume its absence in hookahs. However, the truth is a tad more nuanced. Hookahs can house liquid nicotine, and if not handled with care, the consequences can be dire. When ignited, the infused mixture in hookahs produces a fragrant smoke, luring users. While there are alternatives devoid of nicotine, they are not without their share of harmful agents. Research suggests that an hour-long hookah session could be as detrimental as going through                             multiple packs of cigarettes, primarily due to the depth of inhalation. This poses not just a risk to active                                 smokers but also to passive ones, especially in poorly ventilated spaces.

Drawing from expert analysis,  a  regular  cigarette  is  believed  to  house  around  9  mg of nicotine, but
a significant portion (approximately 8 mg) dissipates into the atmosphere. This leaves the smoker with a mere 1 mg intake per cigarette. In contrast, e-devices, when paired with potent e-liquids, introduce a purer form of nicotine, amplifying its concentration and effects. Unforeseen consequences of this potent ingestion can range from vertigo and seizures to distress in the abdominal and chest regions.

A vial of the liquid nicotine - TONE smoking tubes.png
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