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Pure Natural Tissue Raw Rolling Paper

 Rolling paper Papirosa Cigarette Tubes design


Position 1 - cigarette holder of pure natural high density rolling paper.

Position 2 - shirt of pure natural raw tissue rolling paper.

Rolling Paper of Papirosa Tubes - Cigarette Tubes TONE

When choosing cigarette tubes, you should pay attention to the thickness of the rolling paper. Smoking tubes with thin paper guarantee free burning of tobacco without releasing of extraneous aromas. On the other hand, smoking tubes strength plays an significant role, because it is very important how well the cigarette shell will keep its shape and whether it will crumble in the hands while stuffing tobacco.
That is, the rolling paper that the cigarette tubes are made of must be strong and thin at the same time. 
Very rare manufacturers of cigarette tubes strive to achieve such high quality paper due to the complexity of its production and its high cost.

Rolling Paper of Cigarette Tubes TONE

Papirosa Cigarette Tubes TONE are made of two types of high quality pure natural raw rolling paper, that comes from Europe: high dencity paper of the cigarette holder and unbleached tissue paper of the shirt, as shown in the draw below. 

The dencity of the cigarette holder paper is 99,9 g/sq.m.; the dencity of the shirt paper is 16g/sq.m. (strong and thin at the same time).

Tissue paper of our papirosa tubes is unbleached, never impregnated, it remains transparent, and papirosa lovers claim that they are much preferable to cigarettes, as they have no “chemical aftertaste”.

Thinnest tissue rolling paper of Papirosa Cigarette Tubes TONE is so thin, almost transparent, that you can see stuffed tobacco or weed.

In addition, the highest quality rolling paper must be unbleached. Paper of regular cigarette tobacco tubes is impregnated with special chemical compounds that, among other things, give it a white color, and are very harmful to health.

Raw tissue paper of Papirosa Cigarette Tubes TONE doesn't contain saltpeter; therefore our cigarette tubes tend to fade out after stopping the intake of smoke.

Besides, the best rolling paper doesn't contain saltpetter that makes paper to smolder permanently and further poisons the smoker.

As you can see, our papirosa tubes are made of highest quality raw rolling paper, that cannot be said about popular regular cigarette tubes

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