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Comparison of Raw Cones with Papirosa Tubes TONE

What are raw cones?

Here is what the advertising texts about raw cones say: "The first to set up factory production of papirosa tubes for Cones joints was the founder of the world-famous Mountain High company, the Dutchman Arthur Van Der Berg. Ordering cones for smoking is for those who like to smoke, but at the same time do not want to roll papiroses. This is a long-awaited alternative to grandfather's papiroses ..."

Or that: "RAW Cones are made for both people who smoke a lot, and people that want an easier way to roll. RAW Cones revolutionized the smoking industry because they’re much MUCH faster and easier to fill and use than a normal rolling paper..."

About Raw Cones - Cigarette Tubes TONE

About Raw Cones

Raw Cones Advertising - Cigarette Tubes TONE
Raw Cones vs Papirosa Tubes - Cigarette Tubes TONE

Raw Cones Advertising

As you can see, they say anything, but forget to say that their raw cones are made with use of glue. They forget to say that raw cones have a very short cigarette holder that does not cool the smoke almost. They do not say that their raw cones do not have a telescopic design, so you need to buy several different packs of these cones or set of different raw cones if you need different sizes.

Advantages of papirosa tubes TONE over Raw cones

Our smoking tubes are manufactured using a unique technology that came to us from the XIX century. This is no-glue technology, invented by Russian engineers. The same technology was used in manufacturing Russian and Soviet papirosa cigarette tubes and papiroses such as world famous Gerzegovina-Flor, Belomorkanal, Salve and other. (In the end of the XIX – beginning of the XX century's papiroses were very popular in Europe and America, but nobody even thought about raw cones). Papiroses and papirosa cigarette tubes are produced in Russia till now.

So, smoking tubes TONE are grandfathers of the raw cones. Despite the venerable age (papirosa cigarette tubes are already more than one and a half centuries old), our cigarette tubes are in demand today thanks to their highest quality. Will the raw cones live as much? Not sure.

Our tobacco shells are a time-proven product, which cannot be said about raw cones. Raw cones are a product of mass consumption at an inflated price. 

Papirosa tubes are a good old tradition for the elite, and it is priceless. 

Over the shoulders of our smoking tubes a century and a half history. The history of the development of engineering thinking and precision engineering. 

The papirosa tubes are ready to fill. Besides, our cigarette tubes can be used for medical purposes.

Our papirosa tubes are the best alternative to raw cones.

So what makes our tobacco tubes the best and what sets them apart from the raw cones?

First, the papirosa tubes are made with unique technology without the use of glue. Raw cones are made with glue technology.

Second, the diameter of our tobacco tubes is constant along the entire length (8 mm). Diameter of the raw cones decreases from the end to the beginning.

Third, telescopic design of the papirosa tubes allows you to adjust the length from 107 to 157 mm. The length of the raw cone is constant.

Fourth, our tobacco tubes have a long cigarette holder that cools smoke well. The raw cones holder is very short, does not cool the smoke almost, as a result of which the smoke strongly burns the tongue, throat and oral cavity, and it is dangerous for your health.

And finally, fifth, we will repeat it, the papirosa tobacco tubes are a good old tradition for the elite.  

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